Repast Agent-based Modeling Suite

A key component of our efforts is agent-based modeling, which allows us to incorporate a complex systems perspective. We utilize the Repast open source agent-based modeling software suite. Repast Simphony is a tightly integrated, richly interactive, cross platform Java-based modeling system that runs under Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X, and Linux. It supports the development of extremely flexible models of interacting agents for use on workstations to high-performance computing clusters. Repast HPC is a next generation C++ agent-based modeling system intended for large-scale distributed computing platforms.

Apache UIMA

The Apache Unstructured Information Management (UIMA) system is used to analyzes large volumes of unstructured data (e.g., text, video) in order to gain insight. UIMA forms the backbone of our Natural Language Processing (NLP) approach.

Water Skimmer

Our in-house software, Water Skimmer, parses collections of open-source newspaper articles, codes documents based on their relevance to water, and extracts named entities that occur frequently in those documents are are likely to be institutions related to water management.